Jurassic Park (1993) | Movie Review

February 19, 2018

In 1993, Steven Spielberg shocked the world with the jaw-dropping world of Jurassic Park. Since then, filmmakers have been pinning to capture that same magic from Spielberg's ground-breaking masterpiece. But does Jurassic Park still hold up today? Join Corbin, Allen, and their special guest on one heck of a ride as they journey into Jurassic Park!


Secondhand Lions (2003) | Movie Review | Corbin’s Birthday Pick

February 13, 2018

Happy birthday to Corbin! For his birthday he chose one of his all-time favorites, Secondhand Lions. Celebrate Corbin's birthday as Corbin and Allen enjoy discussing a beloved classic.


Halloween II (1981) | Movie Review

February 5, 2018

Happy Halloween er...wait. We are no where near October 31, but we are kicking off our retrospective of the Halloween franchise leading up to the much anticipted October 19 release of the new Halloween film. Join Corbin and Allen as they return to Haddonfield on the same night He came home. Is Halloween II a worthy successor to the cult original? Listen to find out!

But wait...? Aren't we forgetting to begin with a review of the beloved first film?? We actually reviewed it for our first Halloween Special in 2016. Make sure to listen to our review of John Carpenter's Halloween; the first installement in the series!


Birdemic: Shock & Terror (2010) | Movie Review | Allen’s Birthday Pick

January 29, 2018

Happy birthday to Allen! For his birthday he chose to review Birdemic: Shock & Terror. Never heard of it? Surprised he picked it? Listen as Corbin and Allen have a jolly good time with one of the best worst movies of ALL TIME!!


Phantom Thread | Movie Review | Spoiler Free

January 23, 2018

Listen as Corbin discusses Paul Thomas Anderson's latest Oscar contender Phantom Thread. And possibly Daniel Day Lewis' last film too!


Most Anticipated Movies of 2018 + Updates

January 20, 2018

Join Corbin and Allen as they discuss their most anticipated movies of 2018; plus get a sneak peek at this year's schedule and more exciting updates!


Best & Worst Movies of 2017 | Allen’s Picks

January 10, 2018

Join Allen as he moves from the worst movies he saw in 2017 to the absolute best cinema had to offer.

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Blomkamp’s Oats Studios Vol. 1 Review & Retro Wrap-up

January 10, 2018

Surprise listeners! We decided to go off the theatrical beaten path to take a look at some of the theatrical quality Blomkamp has been pouring into his Oats Studios which is available through YouTube or supportable through Steam. Join Corbin and Allen as they examine Vol. 1 along with a few others shorts; plus hear their quick wrap-up thoughts over the Blomkamp Retrspective.


Best Movies of 2017 | Corbin’s Picks

December 31, 2017

Well listeners, 2017 has come to a close and man has this been a great year for cinema. Listen with Corbin as he recounts his most anticipated movies of 2017 and how they stack up to his actual list of the top 7 best movies of the year.

Comment with your top picks for the best movies of 2017!

*NOTE* On December 31st I saw War for the Planet of the Apes. It absolutely deserves a spot in my top 3 best of the year and for those of you wondering it is my favorite installment in the franchise.